I stretch upward



back and back


fall earthward

El Rachum v’Chanun

and I know

beyond knowing—

this is only one episode

of my life

of life unending

and I recall that to fly

you have to run

as fast as you can

and then let go

of all your weight

run from all you know

that is how you let go

and I breathe



Even in the wilderness–

Amid list-making and budgeting,

Despite overstuffed closets and the sorting of socks,

Even in the midst of our cluttered thoughts– there is holiness.

The sacredness of relationship,

The holy work of healing,

The divine text each human being brings into the world.

Holiness draws us wordlessly,

Nearer to her, to one another.

So that we become the trees of an orchard, swaying to her rhythms.

We nurture and comfort, gather and build,

Your fruit, my hunger;

my leaves, your shade

So that sleeping and waking and growing

Together, We become one.

So that breath becomes song,

And song tfilah

So that little by little

Particles and waves radiate sanctity.

Then will our briefcases and calendars become aware

Knowing that practicality sustains our existence

That holiness ensures our life.

Beside You

together we go


down Talisman Avenue

across 15th and 17th

(where is 16th I wonder again)

up 18th’s long hill

and right on Joplin

and even if I know the way

because I plotted it years back

with Ari pushing

eagerly against his harness

my homeward stretch feels sweeter

with you beside me

like rolling

down a grassy hill

into a field

of wildflowers


fog interweaves

with morning air

fog As I walk

with guide dog Ari

fog and trust are all

that bind us together

that keep us planted

in the world

day follows day

unseen footsteps

mystic impressions,

bruises beyond explanation.

fog and trust and


are all we have,

are All we are.


feathered fairies



silently skyward

are everywhere


they call from treetops

to one another

and to you

and if you really focus

calm your jittering


focus your eyes

your heart

your mind

there they are

hovering near you

turning your blackest moments

into luminescent rubies



And then there was silence.

“What was that?” my husband, Jeff asked.

I looked past my bowl of Scottish oatmeal, sipped my tea, and shrugging, asked, “Is it the whole neighborhood?”

It was.

So no electricity for a while. Meaning, no lights, no radio tuned to our favorite classical station, no dishwasher, and—oh, no, no way to access the internet!

For a moment I felt totally cut off from the world. What would I do without my morning perusal of blogs? After all, pondering the latest from Blue Feet Bamboo Flute has become a sweet, sweet start to my days. And what about catching up with the writings of friends like Patty at Campbell’s World, and Linda from Walking By Inner Vision , not tomention Annie at Thought Wheel and Abbey at Abbey’s Corner?

I carried my tea into the living room and tried to collect my thoughts. The room was suspended in dim hues of pink and shadowy blue, and was sanctuary-still– except for giggly voices of children outside.

I smiled.

Life surrounded me as always, supported by Love Divine, the only true power of the universe. And while I missed the virtual company of my sweet blogging friends, we remained connected in Love. This moment was at hand in all its glimmering promise, this moment of silent meditation and Divine Presence, a gift to me and any who would yield to it.

I missed reading the uplifting thoughts of fellow bloggers, sure, but I could send my own word-doves out into the cosmos on their behalf.

And so I did…just before finding Jeff to share sweet conversation over a game of Scrabble.


I was taught
shoes are dignity

worth more than the beam
of my roof

the means for arriving
at the House of Prayer

but in my closet
shoes  gather

gossiping like hens

they are tumble weeds
obscuring my path

the path through moss
and dewy meadows

the path into the garden
of delights

where You wait
to dance with me

beneath Heaven’s canopy

3.2.1 Quote Me Challenge

Last week I was deeply touched to be invited to participate in the 3.2.1 Quote Me Challenge by Krishnapriya from

Thank you, my sweet friend!

And dear readers, if you seek words which will open your heart and understanding, gentle, probing explorations of human experience, I encourage you to drop by and linger for a while.

Coming to the challenge, these are the rules.
• Thank the selector
• Post 2 quotes for the dedicated topic of the day
• Select 3 bloggers to take part in ‘3.2.1 Quote Me Challenge’ • And give them a topic/word
There is no specific deadline, although it says topic of the day, and one can choose to answer whenever one wishes.

Krishnapriya has offered the word ”blessing”, and I must say, oh, my, to ponder the word “blessing” is a gift, thank you sweet

To me, blessings are the sacred strands of Love and Life which criss-cross my life experience, upholding and encircling all existence. I stumble upon them in sweet moments of wonder and delight, when it is possible to touch the fringes of Divinity, when I feel connected to everything and everyone, to Life, itself. And the more I recognize blessings, one by one, the more I find them everywhere.

And how wondrous that in Hebrew, the word brachah stands for both blessing and pool.

So for me, blessing becomes that moment of realization, of seeing self and other as reflector of Divinity, of finding refreshment and renewal from the sense of Goodness, or Godness found in the moment, the situation.

I learned from my beloved teacher Rabbi Moshe Berger that” God gets down on his knees, plays on our level, wants to connect with each of us, wants to tell us what it means to be Godly, and how to relate to Him”. I may be full of imperfection and doubt, but I am part of Life for a reason: to generate qualities of Holiness, to reflect Divinity, blessing.

And as I wrote once about rejoicing with Torah:

“Come rain, you living waters.
Fill our skies, our ditches, our hands.

Fill our pitchers, our mouths, our being.
Fill our spirits with rejoicing.”
And between our breathing, brachah—
A blessing, a pool.

Three lovely people I ask to accept the challenge are:
Linda at

http://www.Walking by Inner

Patty at

Annie at

The word I offer for your consideration is: Discovery

Can’t wait to get your take!

And to each of you who reads this little blog, who takes time to comment and share—Thank you so much…you are a blessing to me!

Joan Myles