One thing you should know about me: I’m always up for learning something new.

So when my 24 year old daughter suggested that I try the yoga routine she’s been using for the last few weeks, I thought “why not?” After all, adding mindful movement to my day along with a bit of stretching couldn’t hurt…

And even while CC was patiently demonstrating the positions, with the kind of hands-on teaching this blind Mom needs, my pounding heart was thumping out “good for you, good for you.”

Sure, she told me she had been a bit stiff after her first session, but I walk regularly, don’t I?

Our first session went fairly well. Afterward my wobbly legs carried me to the dinner table, and a few hours later I sank into my comfy bed feeling pleased and satisfied with myself because I had started something new—and hey, it’s good for me!

Then morning arrived; and as I rolled off the mattress and into a standing position, I heard the battle cry—or rather, I felt it. My thigh muscles declared quite emphatically that I had not only offended them, they were not going to stand for it–or let me stand for it either. They squawked at me all the way down the hall, through the house, and by the time I was descending the shallow deck steps so that my guidedog Ari could access the yard…they were screaming at me.

That was two days ago.

The protest has quieted somewhat; but tomorrow is another day…another day of mindful movement and stretching… and stretching.

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