Hearing Voices

Sitting in my office across the hall from the Braille production room…

And all I can say is “Please, please, grant me a bit of silence!”

Because it is true–the Braille embosser is an amazing device. It somehow, almost magically, converts a computerized word document into an actual Brailled document in my hands.

But it is SO VERY NOISY! The rowdy, rapid-fire punching as the cylinders move across and down the paper make conversation—and sometimes even thought– nearly impossible.

So I turn to my faithful computer, outfitted as it is with speech so that I may access the world of print locally and globally.

And, what do you know? It is so chatty!

And here’s my IPOD, not to mention old friends like the Franklin talking dictionary, and the BrailleLite notetaker—they are wonders of human ingenuity, indeed.

But do they have to be constantly yammering at me?

Oh, sure, I can’t read the words on the screen…but good grief, I hear so many voices throughout muy day!



I will accept with humble gratitude the gift of Braille text you offer me.

My fingers will dance with delight over these textured curves and sways, these graceful ups and downs

As images and ideas tumble and swirl into and out of existence.

And I will slow my breath,

unclench my eyebrows,

unfurl my white flag in peace.

For your rumble is no longer growling in my ears,

But like thunderclap on Mt. Sinai—

Whose word is liberation.

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