On The Ball

Oh my, oh my!

It has been a very long time since my last entry in this little blog. I’d like to say it is because I’ve been so busy.

*Yismehu’s website has been rebuilt and readied for launch during the last 7 weeks.

*The Kaddish Challenge just came to a close — with my students bravely (and quite competently) leading the Kaddish Sheleim during the first Erev Shabbot service in May.

*And after all, our son is getting married in August.

But the real reason is…yoga.

Remember my first entry; all about wanting to learn, wanting to stretch, blah-blah-blah?

**my characteristic bird-squawking hand gestures**

Well nobody ever mentions the pain, do they?

Or maybe they do…in that lingo-specific code talk…

like the chiropractor I went to a few years ago.

She did her magic. The back pain — which had tearfully seized me one morning after years of choosing to sleep on the floor –faded away, sure. But after that first session while I was feeling so fluid and perky, she had said: “Later you’ll feel like you’ve had a really good workout.”

Just like that. No dastardly tone. No ominous mood music. Nothing to clue me in as to what was coming.

And I in my innocence, blithely unaware and lovingly sheltered from the world of active folk, smiled sweetly and went home.

An hour later I crawled into the bed I had recently adopted, feeling as if I had the flu. And when I awoke, I was innocent no more.

So yes, I have put away the idea of actually practicing yoga. My meditative moments now find me sitting, bouncing and even stretching my so-called muscles on my yoga ball. It’s a much more playful and far less structured approach to stretching.

Well that’s what I think today, anyway.

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