“Divinity” Defined

Okay, let’s check your responses from last week’s assignment:

Define “Divinity” or “sacred” without using the word “G/D”.

Do your experiences feel like any of these?



-Like seeing a calf being born

-The feeling of early morning when it starts off cool, and you know it will get warmer

-Like when you go horseback riding and you come upon two bucks battling; and it’s amazing, but you don’t know what will happen next

-Like when you make a really terrific play in soccer

And I am left speechless before these wise ones.

1 thought on ““Divinity” Defined

  1. Hmmm…Now this is noe that makes me think. Here’s one for the books;

    I’m teaching and the one student who’s been struggling the most with a particular concept gets it.

    There’s a delightful breeze visiting mh balcony as I’m reading a book or listening to the birds in the grees.

    A friend I haven’t heard from in a while drops me a line and invites me to lunch.

    Now…How can this get any ore divine?

    Alysa and Ellen

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