On And Off The Ball

What is it about Yoga that keeps me coming back?


I mean…really. You remember, don’t you?


My first attempts were earnest enough, right? But they resulted in pain and frustration…which naturally led to long lapses between Yoga sessions…followed by even longer lapses…followed by no Yoga sessions.

**deep sigh**

Then I acquired a big, blue Yoga ball…intending to bounce my way into mindful practice. Oh, I was so very happy, bouncing and stretching, stretching and bouncing…for a while any way. And I must say, my big, blue Yoga ball makes a great conversation piece, quietly situated as it is in my office.

**deep, deep sigh**

But this January something happened.

I publicly accepted a Yoga challenge posted on FaceBook by my daughter CC’s very good friend. I learned a few very simple sitting poses, and a few very simple standing poses.

I began to mindfully breathe


and out,




counting my breaths slowly.

And as I focused, really focused on my breathing…counting the time of each breath and striving to lengthen the pose time




An amazing thing happened.

Yoga became my friend!


Yes, Yoga is making me stronger.

Yes, Yoga is improving my balance.

Yes, Yoga is keeping me calm during stressful moments in my day.

And yes, Yoga is even enabling me to sleep better at night.

So I guess Yoga really has become part of my routine now. And what do you know?

I like it!

**stay tuned for periodic yoga updates**

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1 thought on “On And Off The Ball

  1. I’ve never had what I would call the best relationship with yoga; I tried it off and on for yearsby reading one fo those “how to” books, which can never take the place of a real live instructor no matter how well they are written and illustrated. I stuck with a yoga class for people with physical limitations about 6 years ago, due to an arm injury that impeded normal movement. The class helped, but it didn’t send me back for more. Call it lack of

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