Teaching My Way

An amazing thing happened to me recently while I was spending idle time on FACEBOOK…

I came across a notice—KVELLER was looking for fresh writers and pieces for its online publication.

Being a well-rejected writer-want-to-be from way back, I flipped through things I had written for this blog and decided to submit “My Father’s Orange”. Some of you faithful readers have told me that you found this homage to my Dad particularly moving, so I figured maybe the editors would feel the same way.

They did not.

I was told that the piece is too broad, covering too many topics.

That’s news to me, I thought, since it is only about my Dad.

But I had mentioned this blog to the editor, who then asked me to submit an article about my work as a blind Hebrew teacher…

And what do you know, it has made it into KVELLER!

Confessions of a Blind Hebrew School Teacher


Life is sure full of surprises.

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