Okay, okay, I admit it. This year December has really gotten to me.

Maybe it is the dark, dark mornings I encounter as I escort Ari outside at 6:30 AM every morning.(Yes, I am blind, but as one able to perceive light, its absence is quite a blow.)

Or maybe it is the constant cold rains that have soaked us both through and through to our very skin for what seems like weeks without end. (Oh, the joys of a soggy, soggy doggy!)

Or maybe it is the incredible push and pull of winds –which usually delight and inspire me–combining forces with rain and darkness to overwhelm anyone who dares venture out of doors—-including me.

Whatever the cause, I find myself feeling rather puny…and frankly, a bit of a humbug.

So rather than embracing my Scrooge-self, I will acknowledge today as the Winter Solstice, and embrace its promise of expanding light with each returning day.

Whew…I’m feeling better already! How about you?

Wherever you find yourself

May your hearth be warm,

Your loved ones near,

And your spirits bright!

And thanks for being there, y’all!

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