Dinner anyone?

2016Is already off and running…

**And apparently so am I.(more about this to come)

In fact husband J and I started the year by hosting our neighbors for dinner on the evening of January first.

Big deal you say?

Well actually it is–for those of us who are somewhat socially *ahem* awkward.

Maybe I should start by letting you know that we have lived next door to these neighbors since April 2009 and had never shared a meal with them. They are nice enough folks; a bit older than we are; a retired couple who are still active. We have had conversations in doorways and over the phone. We have minded their mailbox while they have travelled hither and yon; they have reciprocated with interesting varieties of wine from their travels. But to invite them to dinner was at least three steps beyond our comfort zone.


as they prepared to head off yet again

the invitation was spontaneously made and quickly accepted.

It was fun planning the menu. And we weren’t too nervous over all.

The house was readied. I set the table with our new burgundy-red table cloth and peacock blue Fiestaware dishes. Chef J did a fine job with baked chicken and braized potatoes. (Almonds in the green beans kind of burnt…and the rolls weren’t quite right…but I’ll never tell…)

The doorbell rang and of course Ari sounded the alarm.

So who would have guessed…?

As I dashed from the kitchen through the living-room to welcome our guests

(something I have done without incident too many times to count)

I connected with an endtable and sent the lamp crashing against the window blinds to the floor…

Then promptly opened the door.

Oy! Talk about conversation starters!

We spent the next 3 hours noisily discussing everything from Jewish and Christian views of the afterlife and the upcoming Presidential election to aliens on the moon and the current use of profanity in everyday speech.

I’d call that a successful gathering…wouldn’t you?

But I know there must be a moral to such a story–something like

“Be ever mindful of grace before meals”!


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