Cycles in Time

What better way to continue our journey through the Jewish festivals and also celebrate April as Poetry month than to share with you dear readers my poem about Jewish festivals!


Cycles in Time

Bring forth the barley which God does provide

For the oxen we work and the donkeys we ride.

We once were mere beasts to Pharoah the king;

And now on this Pesech, we sing!

Bring forth the wheat, for God does provide

Bread for our table, our young satisfied

In Torah’s Love-letter we learn life’s meaning;

And now on Shavuot, we sing.

Bring forth the fruit, for God does provide

The means for our progress, a shield and a guide.

Though frail we can know Him, despite wandering;

And now every Sukkot, we sing.

Through many and many years tragic and long

We Jews have been yearning to voice our own song.

Each new generation has something to bring–

So take a deep breath now, and sing!

5 thoughts on “Cycles in Time

      1. And me you. What you write is beautiful. I think I am technically Jewis because my great grandmother was, and I know it is passed down through the female line. Mi,am blind But she married out, snever knew until a while ago. I am fascinated though. I can learn, from your Blog. It is so moving to read. Like you I am blind, so make many mistakes in typing.

  1. Reading your blog, I believe we have much to teach each other…and I look forward to the sweet exchange.

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