Aspects of Starlight

There once were stars, held high within that black

expansive tapestry of nightly shade–

like compass points they guided her through bleak

uncertainty, and fearfulness allayed.

She found in them the ancient heroes viewed

adventuring, great beasts and men adorned

resplendently. Their noble traits imbued

her thoughts and gave her strength when she still mourned.

Eclipsed in adolescence, she had seen

the starlight, glowing, crystalline, spun lace

of spider’s thread, and striving to stay sane

reclaimed those aspects blindness can’t efface.

Illumined is her memory. There once

were stars, and for her there is recompense.

5 thoughts on “Aspects of Starlight

  1. Dearest Joan, This post you just just sent is stunningly beautiful!  You are so talented! Thank you for sharing this, and more importantly, for being my friend.

    Love you! Sherry

  2. the enjambment in this poem carries the thought along so well – keeps it moving and growing in meaning. Love the imagery of the night sky and the points of starlight that became the heroes of myth. This poem brings the reader’s attention to the expanse of the heavens. Eloquent.

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