My Turn Comes

My turn comes,

gimmey talk–painful

goodbyes, dreams found

and lost, love,

and hate, death,

struggle, laughter, tears.

Talk, real talk.

My turn comes,

gimmey touch–hand

to hand to cheek

lips, hair, arms


kissing, feeling, being.

Touch, real touch.

My turn comes

gimmey life–memory

told and retold,

tears without end,

life, real life.

6 thoughts on “My Turn Comes

  1. I wrote this just after my dear moth-in-law died some years ago as a response to her very private approach to dying

    1. Joan, I just came back to read this again. It is so poignant. Wondering if you are O.K. As not seen you for a while. Much love to you.

      1. Oh, you are sweet, thank you. I was actually wondering the same about you. Sending you love and blessings!

      2. I have been around lol. Just had to have our old dog put to sleep yesterday. Such a wrench

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