What Difference?

Okay, I forgot.

I’m sixty years old,

and I forgot Helen Keller was deaf.

You laughed.

I laughed.

And for a moment, I was confused.

But really,

what’s the difference?

It doesn’t change anything,

doesn’t insult anyone,

or disrupt world economics.

It’s actually a compliment.

I didn’t forget Keller’s brilliance,

the way she advocated for blind folks around the world,

her eloquent use of words.

I didn’t forget Keller knew German,

French and Greek, appreciated

the ocean, Socialism, and Beethoven.

Deafness, and blindness

for that matter, were sudden cliffs

Keller navigated throughout her life,

the shocking scenery,

and heartstopping challenges

most people find too distracting

to go on living.

That’s the difference—

Helen Kelller lived.

2 thoughts on “What Difference?

  1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting, I truly appreciate your remarks, and feel privileged to share things with you, Krishnapriya.

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