Psalm 121 Interpretted

I will lift my eyes to the hills

before the light appears–

the light which rises in the east,

and radiates from Jerusalem.

I will lift my eyes,

my heart, my hopes

from the depths of my sorrow,

from pain that clouds my senses,

from feelings of isolation.

To the hills I will reach out for solace–

to upward currents of Spirit,

to the greenness of Life

I will lift my eyes to the hills

to the One

who never fails to appear.

7 thoughts on “Psalm 121 Interpretted

  1. The one who never fails to appear — Fantastic….such truth and power. I don’t know the original psalm (sorry) but i LOVE what you have written. Speaks deeply to me. This feeling and knowing and faith….thank You, dear friend. 🙂

    1. We truly are co-travelers, aren’t we, my sweet friend I don’t know your sacred texts either, but the One Love speaks the same message to each of us in our own way. I’m so happy you and I can share such things! ?

  2. Beautiful Joan. And yes, the hills are a great solace. Especially in sorrow and pain. It is a beautiful Psalm that has comforted may. Lovely poem, and leading us to the aduvine Light. Nthankyou.

  3. In 1990 I wrote a series of reflections on the Psalms – most have been published – I reflected on the Psalms through the yes of an artist. I liked your reflection very much, Joan. The Psalms are so so so wonderful to read – fresh and new with each reading of them. They are truly timeless.

    1. I would love to read your reflections, Linda…are you able to post a link here with more information? Blessings to you, dear friend!

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