Beside You

together we go


down Talisman Avenue

across 15th and 17th

(where is 16th I wonder again)

up 18th’s long hill

and right on Joplin

and even if I know the way

because I plotted it years back

with Ari pushing

eagerly against his harness

my homeward stretch feels sweeter

with you beside me

like rolling

down a grassy hill

into a field

of wildflowers

9 thoughts on “Beside You

  1. I especially like the sentiment in this onr – Ari, walkong together, feeling like you’re seeing wildflowers becausee you”re walking together.

  2. ooooh! i love this — i absolutely LOVE how you weave in the details – wonder where 16th went and the ending is stunning – wildflowers….And Ari pushing makes the walk sweeter — ok, i may just end up typing the whole poem to tell you how much i loved it. 🙂 Thank you, sweet friend. 🙂

    1. Finding you here is such a sweet treat to me…and your words make my heart smile…can you see it from there? Blessings and love to you, dear Krishnapriya!

      1. There is such light and playfulness in whatever you write — somehow it just enters right in my heart – i am not able to express in words….but it is me who should be saying – Thank YOU. 🙂

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