I stretch upward



back and back


fall earthward

El Rachum v’Chanun

and I know

beyond knowing—

this is only one episode

of my life

of life unending

and I recall that to fly

you have to run

as fast as you can

and then let go

of all your weight

run from all you know

that is how you let go

and I breathe


8 thoughts on “Free

  1. This is soooo mystical. i am so happy to learn the Hebrew words – Our Lord, merciful and gracious. This poem is so deep, i am not able to express how beautiful it is.

    i am going to be away for a little bit – couple of weeks – and i will miss YOU! i tell my heart, that i can come back and eat lots and lots of treats at the same time – your poems. Take care, my beloved friend. Thank you for your sweet presence – in my life and this universe. 🙂

    1. Your words touch my heart, sweet Krishnapriya, to know you understand, that we are joined in this Journey. I will miss you greatly during your absence, and look forward to your returning. Blessings and love to you as you make ready for Krishna’s birthday, may your heart be filled with light and joy, beloved friend!

      1. Thank you for the blessing. I am so addicted to checking the internet and actually writing everyday now….that i am not sure how i am going to stay without it either. 🙂

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