Paper Cup

the wind is just
too fierce sometimes

it sweeps down alleyways
shuffles debris

like old men’s feet
trying to keep up

it snatches leaves from living trees
tosses and swirls them like dust

no wonder my paper cup
went sailing

off the patio table
empty and abandonned

7 thoughts on “Paper Cup

  1. he!he! You just have such amazing talent to bring a smile on my face with your absolutely adorable writing! Such a simple thing – paper cup and what a wondrous web or words you have woven around it…..lovely, lovely, lovely. 🙂

    1. Awww, thank you, sweet Krishnapriya. I heard a piece of music this morning that sounded to me like a paper cup bobbin around in a stream, and started thinking about a paper cup and how like it I feel sometimes…being buffeted about by the winds of circumstances…or is it Spirit…? This is the time for deep reflection about one’s actions for the last year, the time to set feet properly on the Path once more, the time to tune in to Love Divine. A little whimsy can go a long way in expressing things. Thank you for being here. Sharing the Journey with you is one of the sweetest aspects of this year’s experiences! Blessings and love to you!

      1. Thanks so much, beautiful Joan – it is beautiful how the whimsy combine with the deep desire to be in tune with the Divine….in your heart and words. Thank you from my heart! 🙂

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