the page is blank
and so am I

lost somehow

amid falling leaves
waning daylight

without insights
or inspiration

like the page

to be inscribed
by Your Hand

10 thoughts on “Blank

    1. Thank you, Pari, for your sweet and reassuring words. Waiting ismore of a challenge sometimes, I suppose. *smile*

  1. my dear beautiful Joan, i went to visit a holy personage and wanted to seek blessings – pray, ask for boons — but my mind went blank. All the time, i was waiting there. At home i pray for devotion, love of God and have a long list — but at that moment, in the Temple, i was just blank and bowed down. i come back home – and see your poem – a blank page. Waiting for Love to inscribe Her smile….xoxo

    1. Oh, I feel so blessed by this…you without words , too, even at the Temple…so sweet to share your company in this time of longing, beloved Krishnapriya!

      1. Yes and somehow that i quite unusual for me – because i am usually either overwhelmed with gratitude or inundated with tears….but God loves to play with us and appear in all hues – and blank canvases too! 🙂

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