the page is blank
and so am I

lost somehow

amid falling leaves
waning daylight

without insights
or inspiration

like the page

to be inscribed
by Your Hand

10 thoughts on “Blank

  1. my dear beautiful Joan, i went to visit a holy personage and wanted to seek blessings – pray, ask for boons — but my mind went blank. All the time, i was waiting there. At home i pray for devotion, love of God and have a long list — but at that moment, in the Temple, i was just blank and bowed down. i come back home – and see your poem – a blank page. Waiting for Love to inscribe Her smile….xoxo

    1. Oh, I feel so blessed by this…you without words , too, even at the Temple…so sweet to share your company in this time of longing, beloved Krishnapriya!

      1. Yes and somehow that i quite unusual for me – because i am usually either overwhelmed with gratitude or inundated with tears….but God loves to play with us and appear in all hues – and blank canvases too! 🙂

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