One Day

I once danced alone

in the garden

in the streets

in the sanctuary

where all was hushed

solemn and proper

I danced

with joy and noise

and sang with delight

“shhh” they said

“we are praying”

I am praying too

and one day

You found me there

silent and weeping

and one day

amid the trees of the forest

I heard your voice

felt You smiling in sunbeams


with wind and rain

and my prayers ascended once more

waved heavenward by cedar and myrtle

and again I swayed

with branches reaching high above human constructs

bowed down beneath a ceiling of stars

beneath a singular sky

to the One

7 thoughts on “One Day

  1. Oh my God! This is unbelievable!!! The poem is my story — from your pen! I wonder if I should be more serious and contemplative and not so playful, to have a deeper relationship with the One! I was trying to be silent but somehow the poems keep urging me to laugh and love! And sway – with YOU, my sweet Joan – beneath a ceiling of stars under a singular sky. What an incredible blessing it is for me to read these words. I know you understand, our hearts are wrapped around each other. Love and prayers. 🙂

    1. Oh, I know…I am learning more every day to be who I truly am, to speak and pray and just BE me…I try to “behave” butJoy and Love bubble up to overflowing and my praise is suddenly too confined. Thank you for BEING you, sweet Krishnapriya, thank you for joining me in Love’s dance, the Song of Joy unbounded, Life seeking after Life…you are so dear to me, you cannot imagine how sharing this journey with you has freed me to BE! Much, much love, sweet friend! , I know…I am learning more every day to be who I truly lam

      1. Your poem is so inspiring for me and your words here even more so. Song of Joy unbounded — wow! That feels so true. I worry about a being “me” because i wonder if it is my “ego” that wants to be a certain way and isn’t that path to God one of dissolving the ego. But after reading your words, i think the path is to be as God would want us to be – as He is – brimming with love, joy and sweetness. Can i thank you again, and again and again and then some more for being here and letting me share my heart with you? Shalom! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, David, I’m so delighted you find meaning in my words. Blessings and peace to you, my friend!

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