when you read my words

you are likely to find mysterious

marks upon the page

looking like dimples

in the margins

smudges and smears

between syllables

don’t be dismayed

and don’t feel persuaded

to scamper more quickly

along the breadcrumb trail

or to linger longer

with honeybees

among clover and wildflowers

it’s only me

weeping for joy

as your face comes close

only me overflowing

with delight

to whisper in your ear

8 thoughts on “Decoding

  1. Had to read it twice to feel the sweetness and the refrain “only me” — dimples, honeybees, breadcrumb trail…my smile thanks you, my sweet beautiful friend – for bringing it again and again to my face. My heart thanks you for your gentle words. Wish you a beautiful day! 🙂

    1. I feel so grateful and blessed to know you read my words, sweet Krishnapriya…that we are able to speak heart to heart on this journey. Thank you for your presence in my life. Blessings and love, may your day flutter with yellow butterflies, and your dreams sparkle with starlight.

      1. oooh! You know i love yellow butterflies — there are my magic talisman….it is night here so i will go stand in the starlight and feel us both holding hands and smiling together. Thank YOU! 🙂

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