The World

the world is veiled

like a beautiful maiden

her eyes may be visible

sparkling and inviting

like stars in the heavens they speak to you

of eternal secrets and delights

you might catch a frown

or even a twinkle

but her full scowl is hidden

as is her toothy grin

5 thoughts on “The World

  1. Beautiful Joan — i don’t know if you will believe me — this morning i was thinking of two names of Divine Mother – Chaaya Mayi (Mother of shadows and veils) and Chin Mayi (Mother as Pure Consciousness) — when the veils drop she reveals herself as consciousness….so i was thinking of some words, a poem about it — and guess what, i come here and see them….Mother of beautiful veils – veiled like a beautiful maiden….and eternal secrets of the universe…..i LOVE our heart connection and feel blessed with dewdrops of gratitude every time i read your words. Thank you, my beautiful friend. Shalom! 🙂

    1. Oh my, how magical and sublime…of course I believe you, we are sweet companions on this journey…how beautiful your words and images are…the One, our Mother, veiled yet always accessible to her children…blessings and much love beloved Krishnapriya, and the wholeness of Shalom! *smiling heart*

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