Writing A Poem

something stirs me
like the spoon in my cup
wrestles liquefied almonds into coffee soup

but not like that at all
not blending
not dissolving
one identity into another
not blurring for the sake
of obliterating personalities

throwing everything into the air
to better perceive each element

like the wind stirs autumn leaves
after you’ve raked them into compliant piles

like a rambunctious child
who pulls her older sister into the circle
to dance the Horah

whirling and tripping with delight
with such energy
such frenzied fun

everyone on the sidelines
can’t help watching
only her
can’t help singling out
her spasms of laughter
can’t help clapping along
whistling and stomping
maybe even writing a poem

11 thoughts on “Writing A Poem

    1. Oh, you are so right, dear Pari…everyone we meet could be said to be a poem, a text, source of insight and joy. ..thank you, thank you for sharing your sweet spirit! Blessings and love to you *smiling heart*

  1. Hurray! Love the joy here — the rambunctious little girl with a pony tail and dimple cheeks – i feel her hands in mine and we dance together in a circle of delight. Thank you for bringing this delight into my heart and life. Blessings and love – always. 🙂

    1. Oh, speaking of delight…what joy to find you, returned to my world! Isn’t it amazing, darling Krishnapriya…I felt as if you were away from my home, the silence seemed so deep, and now my delight overflows again…welcome with hugs galore and much, much love, sweet companion!

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