Blame The Sun

blame the sun
if I’ve spent my day
and blinking
and wanting to play

blame the sun
and the blue
blue sky
if I lazed about
Dazed about
with only a sigh

for the winds will be commin
dark days keep me bummin

every day will be rainin
everyone a-complainin

let’s ignore dust motes sailin
and write poems braillin

in this moment
that’s scarcely begun
let the wind kiss your cheek
fiercely love
don’t be meek
blame the sun
blame the sun
blame the sun

11 thoughts on “Blame The Sun

  1. …and a treat for me to hear your heart beating once more…color and light dance around me in your words, sweet friend!

  2. This showed up on my reader – and is such a refreshing breeze in the midst of all this craziness — loved every word! Blaming the sun and lovin’ it — and YOU! Thank you, beautiful Joan *rainbows and sunshine* *green fields with black birds*

  3. Sending you sweet, sweet angels and much love as I gather the petals of beauty and blessings you have showered upon me, my darling friend. I feel you with me beneath Love Divine’s canopy as Shabbot draws near, as I strive to acknowledge only what IS and will ever BE, the One and All in which we are cherished and sustained. Be well, beloved. *willows amid sparkling rays**leaves and buds reaching for light**children embracing*

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