Waking In The Dark

waking in the dark

waiting for the spark

of dawn

or inspiration

or the train at the station

each won’t tarry

to simply carry

me away

where Love abides


and a day

7 thoughts on “Waking In The Dark

    1. Thank you, sweet Krishnapriya. It seems that even in waiting the One draws near to reassure me…and what am I waiting for, since I already feel Her companionship? Something in these dark, chilly days of approaching winter keeps me feeling suspended, not lost, but waiting, expectant, and yes, yearning as always. Love to you, darling Krishnapriya…sending you hugs and much love!

      1. Thank you beautiful Joan – this is the journey of our life- yearning and finding that we are already in the arms of our Beloved…then we go off again, waiting in expectation. Much, much sweetness to you my beloved friend – at all moments! 🙂

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