Lessons From The Pumpkin Patch

We’ve talked about how they grow–

connected at first

by a vine,the cord

which nourishes the tiny fruit.

And before that, the seed

itself, planted in the earth,

in the Deep darkness

of unknowing. Remember

how small everything was at first,

how deep and vastand wondrous–

how small we were

as we approached the garden,

green and yellow and orange,

our arms unable to reach

around, to carry abandoned treasure.

Our eager hands clasped tight,

though, The perfect size

to form a friendship chain

for snaking our way together

through this haystack maze.

7 thoughts on “Lessons From The Pumpkin Patch

    1. Such joy to share my little poems with you, to hear that they resonate somehow, to join you in the wonder and the dance of Life and Love, blessings to you, my beloved Krishnapriya!

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