She said it’s like juggling

one child for me

one for his father

and the third

the third is always flying

up in the air somewhere

just out of reach

for both of us

and I smile

realize it’s just like human existence

there’s the sun and the moon

and there’s reality

the sun counts my days

and the moon traces my months

but reality is the third child

left flying

just out of reach

11 thoughts on “Juggling

  1. Amazing words Joan — so sublime and deep. I love the way you have the sun and moon together and the sublime reality that bypasses the measure of our lives at the gross level. Thank YOU! Going to go back to read it again. 🙂

    1. Your reading assists my own understanding, thank you…the images just presented themselves once again…and I barely glimpse what they mean. Blessings and love, sweet friend!

      1. i know exactly what you mean!! The images come and words drop by – and i type them up — but when i read your comments, i sometimes understand them…and even if i don’t its ok. The writing is a blessing in itself from heaven. Thank YOU, beloved Joan – for this companionship in poetry, in God and in love! 🙂

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