*Kindling Friendship* After Pittsburgh

Such a beautiful day here in Salem. Despite early morning mist and rain, today has settled into a dazzling expanse of shadow and sunlight, thanks to brilliant, swirling cloud-play. And once more we are drawn together by the call to kindle the Sabbath lights, to sanctify time and space by designating them holy through our intention and mindfulness.

And despite the heart-shattering events of last Shabbot morning, the unthinkable massacre which took place at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, despite the tears and grief we share with fellow Jews and open-hearted non-Jews across the country and around the world as these sacred souls are laid to rest, we are once again called together to kindle the Sabbath lights. For in doing so we assert more than our longing for unity within our communities, our nation, and the world. We are claiming our role as Light, in times of darkness, as Hope in moments of despair. We are asserting that Shalom is attainable, within our very graspโ€”if we will only reach out to one another, across the room, across the street, across the aisle– understanding each of us has a need, each has something to contribute to the need of others, and that it is in one another that we find wholeness, completeness, Shalom.

So let us come close, my darlings, close enough to see each otherโ€™s faces, to blend the tears upon our cheeks, to embrace the Light and one another as we wave the glow of illuminated candles heavenward and inward, as we say together:

Blessed are you Beloved One, Who enables us to kindle the Light of Shabbot.

And let us say:


26 thoughts on “*Kindling Friendship* After Pittsburgh

  1. Amen! What a powerful and tender post. My heart joins you in that light, in that prayer and in the unity of all our hearts as we hold hands to bring down harmony, love and peacefulness upon our blessed Mother Earth – on Earth as it is in Heaven. Stay well, my sweet friend. Much love and hugs! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Oh, let us BE the light in the midst of those who mourn, who wander in loneliness or fear, let us strive to rise up in unison with Love Divine, a ripple of Light cascading down the high places into the depths…you and I, my beloved friend, and all the world’s seekers of the One…as the darkness of winter approaches, may we shine ever brighter…blessings and love to you, sweet, sweet companion

      1. Your words are so beautiful, dear Joan and so inspiring. Sometimes i imagine a bubble of golden light all around me – rising from my heart and growing to touch the universe – gently trees, little children, forests and rivers….the happy and broken, the healthy and hurting – just light and drops of love – your words remind me of that meditation. Now i will imagine i am holding your hand as we sit together in wings of light and pure love. Thank you.

      2. Oh, such a beautiful picture, dearest Krishnapriya…and what if meditation is not mearely imagination come to stir our spirits? What if it stirs the very essence of Reality? Then thos golden drops of Love and Light are radiating forth from your heart, Heavenward, Earthward, helping to heal the broken and distressed…oh, my your meditation walk with me todayas I hold your hand in this amazing dance of Life…thank you, sweet Companion for adding to my ripple of Joy and LIght and Love, blessings and Love galore to you!

      3. i love the image of heavenward and earthward – from the heights of love to the depths of suffering and then again we cycle again – together with the One and with all of creation. Thank YOU for you! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you, Patty…I know you, too, are about increasing the light for those who wander in shadow, for the world at large, and I am grateful to have your company in this effort, blessings and love to you, darling friend!

  2. Amen! Beautiful words Joan. Joining you in prayer. Such horrendous things happening. May the Lught come soon, into EVERY heart. Shalom.

    1. Yes, you know the Light of Lovewhich outshines any darkness, the gentle Hand which finds us in the shadows, lost and alone, Who pulls us into Union with the Light which is our Reality…may our journey ever be joyful, our song ever sweet…blessings to you, my darling friend!

      1. Blessings to you too Joan. So sorry I have not visited your site much but hope things will improve. Lots of love

  3. Amen to that thought! Prayers from across the continents for harmony and peace and let happiness prevail ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Oh Pari, I feel your sweet hand in mine as I read your words…may Divine Light seek out all the shadows and may we learn to walk in Her ways of Peace and Love, blessings and love to you, darling friend!

      1. Oh, to intertwine our voices, our hearts in the one song, the Divine Song of the One…would be harmony on Earth! Blessings, sweet friend *smiling heart*

    1. Thank you for commenting, Peter…I, too, marvel how Compassion flowed so readily through medical ly trained folks, regardless of religion, despite expressed hate…blessings to you! l t he

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