Sleep and Insomnia

The prankster sneaks up
like the thief he is

my pillow, holds it
in my face,

the very face
his little sister
paints with muck

until I, too,
the Dodger as king.

10 thoughts on “Sleep and Insomnia

    1. Thank you, dear friend…I think we are coming to an understanding. Fortunately, I have been winding down my teaching responsibilities for the last few months, so my uselessness isn’t quite as widespread as it could be. It’s mostly my own projects which are affected. Blessings to you, and much love!

      1. It’s ok, beloved friend. There is a time for everything – you can never be useless – tired, yes, needing more rest at a time when everyone works – but not useless. Everything happens by God’s will, so this too. Can I add your name in my worship? Prayers for an auspicious blessed life for you?

      2. Thank you sweet friend, I would be delighted and honored to dwell among your prayers…blessings and love to you always!

  1. Oh Joan. You made me laugh with this one. That bloomin prankster! I know him too lol. Great poem my dear friend x

    1. Oops, just found this…and I’m glad my piece tickled you…such a prankster, he’s back at it…blessings galore to you, darling Lorraine, and much love!

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