Frost Comes

frost comes

grass stiffens

and I’m wondering where’s my mittens?

frost comes

birdies fluf

got my mittens where’s my muff?

frost comes

wildflowers fading

woolies on my shelf cascading

frost comes

foggy glass

cloak my eyes when homeless pass

frost comes

earmuffs muffle

frozen strangers by me shuffle

frost comes

then the snow

if I don’t feel

I’ll never know

14 thoughts on “Frost Comes

  1. Love every word – feel like i am with you on a journey from frost to snow….the ending is just magnificent — if i don’t feel, i will never know. Thank you for dipping into your heart and sharing these words with us. 🙂

    1. Your comments always make me smile…sharing my heart, knowing our hearts are one, sharing this journey, knowing our destination is the One…blessings and sweetness, sweet friend!

      1. ooooh – i LOVE how to describe it all – You are amazing….love that our destination is the One – and we are together in the journey and the destination. Makes me feel blessed, safe and somehow protected. Wish you a beautiful day, my dear dear Joan! 🙂

      2. and sweet, sweet dreams to you! Thank you for your beautiful note. I’ll write you when I have something more tangible for us to discuss. Blessings and Light, beloved friend!

    1. You’d love weather across the US at present…there’s snow from the east coast to the Midwest and beyond. I’m feeling quite cozy here in Oregon at the moment with only fog. Do you get snow where you are? Stay cozy, sweet Pari, blessings and love to you!

      1. So I read. That it has been snowing at Syracuse. Sadly it doesn’t snow here. How I wish it did. Doesn’t everything look serene when it snows 🙂 I do hope you are having a gala time

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