On Thanksgiving Day

We honor him whose plumed
existence fills our feast, whose
umbrella-houses have become like this
fowl’s rib-cage, our home’s hidden
heartbeat, beat, beating like some
woodland native’s drum… warning, warning.

We honor history, whose wrinkles
we retread each year according
to the social conscience model
number, according to the dialect
of English spoken here.

And holding hands, we bow
our heads, and pray the
table legs are sturdy and
will bear these stolen goods,
our guilt– pray for grace
to become Americans.

8 thoughts on “On Thanksgiving Day

  1. There is so much depth and so much beauty in these words, guilt, sorrow, growth and most of all hope and grace! Thank you for this Thanksgiving blessing, my sweet beautiful Joan. I join you in your table, with sturdy legs and magical smiles. 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, my sweet, sweet friend. The celebration of Thanksgiving Day in the US has become a complicated affair over the last several decades as Americans struggle with issues around imperialism, genocide, racism, not to mention the very real presence of food insecurity in every community…what are we commemorating? How are we doing it? Can weever simply be grateful for what is at hand…dear family members and friends, freedom of thought and action, hope for a better tomorrow? You will be in my heart as family gathers on Thursday, as I focus on the journey to nowhere to “now-here” as one of your readers said, Oneness, Love. Blessings, beloved Krishnapriya!

      1. Thank you for your beautiful explanation. I can understand a little bit – b’cause i lived in US as a grad student and worked there – and not the news portrays a country so different. Whatever happens we still have love, nature and the One who is overseeing everything – and to that Source we turn with hearts of gratitude…You are there high up on my list, dear Joan – today on Thanksgiving and everyday. Wish you a wondrous celebration! 🙂

      2. Oh, thank you, darling Krishnapriya…as usual, we focused on simplicity for our celebration which means gathering the kids and grandkids around our table with no expectations, only enjoying the moment and each other, thankful to be together, to share conversation and love…such a sweet time, and I think I caught a glimpse of you in your fairy wings, felt your sweet presence, Blessings and much love, beloved friend!

      3. You are so sweet – i just love the thought of being by your table with fairy wings – and scattering sparkling star dust blessings on all. 🙂 Endless smiles, joy and peace. 🙂 We are so blessed to have families and share simple sweetness with them, aren’t we? Enjoy your weekend, my beloved friend. 🙂

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