during These dark wintry days
light clings to the fringes.

holy by contrast
shimmers from The edge of storm clouds

splashes its singular message
along wind-blown alleys and dusty gutters

its vibrating glow
spreads from the corners of my prayer shawl

down my sleeves
into my hands

my fingers
igniting the words I trace

a single digit

14 thoughts on “Fringes

    1. Awww…thank you, my sweet Krishnapriya…feeling the fringes a bit myself lately…but I know affirming what is, turning my face toward the Light, my heart is more likely to open to Its radiance, to feel and express Its glow. Finding your sparkling butterflies here is a delight, a dazzling promise for my day…blessings and love galore to you, beloved friend!

      1. Yes, we look towards light and somehow light finds us. Better than looking at darkness and letting it cover us — at least that is my most, most humble view. love, love and hugs! πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, my darling Pari…thank you for shining your sweetness my way…so grateful to join you in this dazzling journey…blessings and love to you!

  1. This blows me away, Joan.
    I can envision the fringes and the shawl and the covering…
    and the word “wintry” is a favorite word for me.
    Makes me feel joy and presence. We cannot ignore “wintry” when we hear it.

    1. Oh, so nice to find you here, dear friend! We are fine here, staying cozy as winter approaches. How are you? Blessings to you, and sweetness galore!

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