silence comes close in winter
even on rainy mornings
or maybe especially

she slips in beside me
at my elbow as I read
waits to cuddle close

while I primp and prance
and gallop
through my day

silence hovers near
holds the door

15 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Astounding. So pure and powerful — love the way you say she cuddles close and then opens the door. I was soooo waiting to read something from your heart and i feel so blessed to hold these words in mine. The magical depth of silence. Thank you so much for sharing. love and prayers for your beautiful day 🙂

    1. oh, my darling Krishnapriya, you are so very welcome to my words, to my heart…Silence holds the door during these wondrous days, and often hides my pen…but you arehere in my heart…thank you for your sweet and playful presence, in my life and in the world…sending you blessings of love and cooing doves of peace in your dreams and your days!

    1. Oh, so sweet to find you here, my darling Lorraine…thank you for commenting, I know you and Silence are well acquainted…you are more faithful than I am to her call…but I am learning…little by little. Blessings and much love to you!

      1. And much love to you Joan. Actually I can also be rather like the Psalmist as well – letting it all out lol.

      2. Haha…prayer has its many faces, ’tis true…but the heart sees her reflection most clearly in Silence…when we/I am willing to abide near her pool. Take care, and let me hear from you when you are able, sweet friend!

      3. I do agree about Silence. I spend much of my day in Silence usually. Out in nature. But it is a bit chilly at the moment! But it inspires poetry! Yes, I will try to stay in touch. It has been a difficult time here lately. Speak soon my friend.

    2. I also love silence and winter.
      They do go together.
      …while I primp and prance
      and gallop
      through my day…
      a good contrast with winter and silence theme.
      “the door…open.” Invites ME to walk through the open door, and experience winter in all her silent splendid glory.

      1. Oh what beautiful words Lynda. I don’t know what it is but winter seems to give rise to Silence more than any other season. We are kindred spirits.

  2. I read about your recent struggles…there is also a voice option on most cell phones…are you able to access the internet that way? My computer is fitted with JAWS which reads everything, what I type as well as the screen. With you in this new challenge, my dear…know your despair will not endure. Blessings and much love!

  3. I really LOVE your writing and knowing you are blind makes me respect your work even more. Patty asked me to write something this morning, and I did. I used to teach creative writing, and one of the things I always did was to have people describe things like clouds, the colors, etc. And then I tell them there is just one thing I forgot to tell them and that is that I am blind. Amazing how shocked they are (I am not really blind). But I thought of that when I read your poem, and thought what a neat thing it would be to describe silence for someone who is deaf. Or perhaps to describe what sound is like. But it made me think, the deaf person knows silence, but do they have a concept of what it means to each deaf person? Is it perceived the same for all of them. We rescued a little dog who is deaf, and it interesting how he knows to do certain things by watching our other dogs or watching us to get some kind of signal. Thank you so much for your wonderful poem.

    1. Welcome, Anne, thank you for your kind remarks…and for your intriguing musings! I’ve read a few things about how deaf folks experience sound, sometimes the most interesting accounts are from people who lost their hearing. And if you’ve never read Helen Keller’s description of hearing Beethoven on the radio, you may want to find it here on a previous post “Guest Post: Keller on Beethoven”
      July 15, 2014 I hope you’ll comment often, blessings to you!

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