Musical Mindfulness

My spirit wakes to Mozart
who Dances like a breeze
with finger-piroettes and glides
across piano keys.

If I commune with Mendelssohn,
my syllables are sweet,
and inspiration leads the way
for both my pen and feet.

Dvorak builds our fire at night
to warm our chilly bones
with pathos deep as memory,
ablaze in vivid tones.

And dreaming, rippling waters
of Chopin’s nocturnes flow,
cascading and careening
until the dawn’s first glow.

13 thoughts on “Musical Mindfulness

    1. Feel you dancing through these lines with me, my dear Joanne, you and me, and your musical essence, blessings and love to you!

  1. You captured the dancing fingers and feet – the gestures and movements of each composer so well. It makes me think about who I choose to write about in my own poems and essays – I often write about music and composers, art and artists, and my responses to them and the music and art they created. Joan do you have a favorite composer? Are these ones in this poem your top pics, or is there another you are particularly fond of? Are these ones long-time favorites to you? Is there a contemporary composer you like a lot? Mine is Phillip Glass. Also Smetna.

    1. Oh, Linda, I’m so glad my poem touched your musical sensibilities! Yes, these are probably my top faves, along with Beethoven. And what I know of Philip Glass is fabulous! Perhaps we should converse sometime about music and such…? Blessings for a sweet and melodious new year!

  2. I can feel the music in my heart – with your words, your feet and fingers. Thank you! Feel so happy to be here – like a long visit with a long-lost friend. Sorry I missed all these posts before. God saved them for me! And i feel blessed! love and hugs

  3. I feel so happy whenever you drop in my darling Krishnapriya…the tea kettle and sweet treats are always waiting for you! Blessings and much love!

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