Morning Wind

Robin calls across the way,
“Wake up, my friend,
embrace the day.”

And Sunshine’s dancing, prancing beams
bid me to follow,
dismiss my dreams.

Still one more darling friend I meet
once dressed and walking down the street.
She snatches at my coat and hat,
ruffles my hair–
I don’t like that.

But one thing I can’t fail to mention,
she wakes me up,
grabs my attention,
uplifts my gaze
expands my heart,
and sets me right before we part.

13 thoughts on “Morning Wind

    1. Thank you, my dear Patty, so glad you can relate…blessings and all sweetness to you! *sunbeams through clouds*

    1. Yes, and Spring might actually be here at last! Blessings and sweetness to you, Kenza, for a lovely day!

    1. So happy you like my little rhymes, Krishna…blessings and love to you! *sunbeams through budding trees*

  1. Sooooo sweet and joyful. Missed your words, darling singing child – hopping and skipping in the streets with sunbeams dancing with you and spring breeze ruffling your hair. *eight feet prancing as one*

    1. oh, I love the picture of you and I and Ari delighting in early Spring…thank you, sweetest Krishnapriya…blessings and love and many hugs…*yellow butterflies dancing over daffodils*

  2. Loving Thoughts being sent to you. Spring has arrived for you, and a step quick and a feeling of freshness is on. Keep on Moving and enjoy the fresh Spring Air. Making You Joyful and Dream on Happy thoughts ❤ 🙂 ❤

    1. Wishing you Love and Light in your day, sweet friend, Peace and Joy in all you do *willows in mist**smiling rainbows**dancing clouds*

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