*Hearts Embracing*

Oh my, such a sweet surprise this morning from my beloved friend, Krishnapriya!)

Blue Feet, Bamboo Flute

These words are inspired and offered with great love and affection to my beloved friend Joan, whom many of you might know – a sweet, gentle singing child, masquerading as a Hebrew teacher . Across faiths, time and space, we connect as one – in love. Please see link to her blog below.

Four foot prints in the snow
And four paw marks ahead
Sun shining through the mist
Dancing daffodils

Singing childrenRelated image
Clap their hands
In a love
That never ends

Embracing hearts
This Universe
In One-ness of the One
Who is the all as well

Oh! Sweet magic
To see that One
And feel His hug
Right here, right now
In you and me.

Thank You for being here, beloved friends and dipping into the joy of the journey. 🌻
Find Joan’s writing here — https://jewniquelymyself.com/

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama

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4 thoughts on “*Hearts Embracing*

      1. Love getting your perspective, my dear Thea…so glad you can relate. Blessings and sweetness to you!

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