**Delighted to tell you!

Dear Friends,

Yes, friends. Before I say more, I want to thank you for that…for being my friends. You continue to follow and read my posts, you share your own thoughtful remarks and encouragement, you delight me with your affection and company…and I am so very, very grateful!

You have coaxed me out of myself, into the sweetness of dawn, where dewy meadows glisten with freshness, and the promise of full sun beckons. And I have no words, only the sweet sensation of feeling your presence with me as I write. And I feel so privileged.

So if I now invite you to join me in a dance of joy, I hope you will feel your part in my swaying and singing!
Because my little book of poems, One with Willows, is coming out on Wednesday, March 20!

I hope you’ll add it to your poetry collection, and let me know your thoughts as always…friend to friend!

Description of One with Willows:

One With Willows is a collection of spiritually playful poems which invites you to step out of the everyday world, to catch your breath, even to catch a glimpse of what really is. There is magic in light that turns hummingbirds into rubies. Wonder and delight wait for you in a garden, bid you to sit beside a young child at the piano, and may even lead you to stumble upon holiness where you least expect to find it.

You will want One With Willows on your bookshelf when you need a friendly reminder that things can get better. It will sit with you on the edge of the bed when you are weary, and revive your sense of hope when you need a boost.

Joan Myles has always been a child of wonder as well as a spiritual seeker. When she lost her sight at the age of 12, these qualities and writing poetry saved her from despair. And what’s more, once blind, her spiritual seeking took on a deeper, richer dimension. No longer was Divinity somewhere out there, hovering just out of reach. She felt God to be with her, a whisper away, a breath, a sigh, a longing inside her, an expression of wonder and delight and most emphatically, Love.

Joan earned a BA in elementary Education, a Master’s in Jewish Studies, and spent 15 years teaching Hebrew and Judaics to third through 6th graders. During that time, she also founded Yismehu, a non-profit organization which provided free Jewish learning to blind students nationwide via distance learning, and served as both textbook developer and instructor for 7 years.

Joan and her husband raised four children together. They currently live in Oregon, where she continues to delight in the wonders of Life Divine, and in the magic of words.

17 thoughts on “**Delighted to tell you!

  1. Congratulations, Ms. Joan! I am so thrilled for you! I look forward to reading your poems.

    1. Oh, thank you so very much, Meredith…I look forward to hearing your thoughts about my poems! *smiling heart*

    1. Thank you, my sweet Kenza…hope it finds you and you will let me know your thoughts as you do here! *dancing butterflies*

    1. Oh, thank you so much, sweet Krishna, your words always touch me with such kindness…blessings and love to you! *hugs galore**sunrise over dewy meadow*

  2. Congralulations!!!! Many, many, many of them, dearest Joan — where can we get your book? Please add a link to your post – so your eager readers can run to it and gobble it up with great glee. I am so happy and i wish i had words to convey my joy in reading about your book and about you too, my beloved friend. Many, many, many hugs and much, much love! It is tomorrow!!!! March 20th! Many, many, many heartfelt congratulations and much, much love to you.

    1. oh, my beloved Krishnapriya, I think you more than anyone, you have helped me to find my true poet’s voice, making this little book possible. Dancing with you in delight of the One, journeying into mist and shadow with your hand in mine…how grateful I am…there are no words. I even ttried to write you about the book and couldn’t…may your dreams be sweet and light…I carry your kind and generous heart with me into this new day. Blessings and love and delight…do you hear my song for you? Our combined song for the One? *sunbeams through willows* singing children* *cooing doves*

      1. Indeed. Can’t wait to read your book. You have to tell us where and how to get it — will it be on Amazon? Feel so, so, so happy and excited – knowing your book will be out and it is the World’s Happy Day Today 🙂 And everyday for us – little children dancing with sunbeams in the music of the One! love, love and hugs to you,my beloved friend.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Savvy…I hope you will read and let me know your thoughts! *smiling heart**dancing butterflies*

    1. Thank you so much for your kind remarks, and for joining me on this path…I look forward to hearing what you have to say! Blessings for a beautiful day! *smilingheart*

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