Finally here: One with Willows

Finally, dear Friends, I am able to let you know that my little book of poems *One with Willows*
is available
Here is an informal review by author, Anne Chiappetta:

One with Willows
© 2019
by Joan Myles

The willow tree symbolizes learning, growth and harmony. This first collection brings forth these ideas and grounds them with insight, wonder, and hope.
Whimsical at first. At some point you feel the solemnness, the spiritual rapture within the words. Simple things speak volumes, like the sunrise, the beauty of the ruby hummingbird. Many poems also harness a depth of a quest for understanding. For example, the seeker in “Hide and Seek” means more than a child’s game, implies adults play a game with hearts and faith in a context of lost innocence. Themes touch upon one another – just as the bowed branches of the willow touches upon earth or water or rustled by the wind.
Mundane objects take on the meaningful and powerful in all these balanced and ephemeral pieces. Each is like a prayer or psalm, reverent and purposeful.

Messenger is a message of hope.
At the table pulls at the mom in me. “Frost Comes is a beautiful piece full of the cadences of things to come.
Joan, thank you for sharing these pieces of your heart and spirit. Blessings,
You can find One with Willows at the following:

One with Willows



And please let me know your thoughts!
Blessings and sweetness to you all

10 thoughts on “Finally here: One with Willows

    1. Thank you, my sweet Krishna, your kindness and encouragement mean so much to me…blessings and sweetness and hugs to you! *sunrise through clouds**doves cooing at first light*

      1. Always welcome dear Joan..prayers, blessings and love to you *blissful doves flying in blue sky peacefully**god’s divine grace falling upon us all the time**smiling heart*

    1. Thank you so much, my sweet Kenza…I’d love to know your thoughts if you’re up to reading it! Blessings and sweetness to you!

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