Why Tuesday = Bliss

Well, it’s Tuesday again. So, like every Tuesday for the past six months, I shower, put on my yoga duds, and wait for my daughter Colleen to arrive.

When she does, we make a pot of fresh coffee and spend time chatting about the week’s happenings:

-Her husband has an interview for a better job.
-She found the greatest vegan cookbook, so we should come for dinner next week. -Her neighbor’s rooster got out again and kept all the dogs barking last night.

Then we get down to work.

“And this week, it’s your turn to lead, Mom,” she reminds me.

oh boy, I whisper to myself.

I pull my purple yoga mat out from under a livingroom endtable, unroll it, and scramble around for a moment looking for my yoga strap.

Good grief, I muse, who would have thought I’d be doing something like this?

It’s been six months now, six months of Tuesdays. Six months of bending and stretching, reaching and , let’s face it, moaning and groaning

“Okay, class,” I take my position sitting cross-legged on my mat, “first we’ll do some stretching. Extend your legs, and as you lie down, bring them up…and down, ever so slowly…use your strap for guidance only…that’s it…,” my teacher’s voice trails away as my body goes through the motions I describe.

“Hey, you’re doing pretty well,” Colleen says with a smile in her voice.

We spend more time with guided stretching, then, I move us into cat-cows, downward dogs, cobras, three-legged dogs, pigeons, and finally I’m ready for the dreaded camel.

“You want to see it again?” Colleen offers as she gets into the kneeling start position on her mat.

“I think I’d better.”

She leans backward, sloly, in one smooth motion as I rest my hand on her shoulder. She moves my other hand to her back, where I observe her graceful bend, then she reaches back with both hands, and clasps her feet behind her.

I sigh in awe of her flexibility.

“Your turn”, she laughs.

I take my position, let out a deep breath, and begin easing my way backward…one piece, I think, one piece. Then I bend my back, ease my shoulders downward and look up toward the ceiling.

“You’re doing it, almost there!” Colleen cheers me on.

I snap back up again.

“Just too chicken,” I declare.

“You were so close,” she hugs me and we both take our places in the corpse position, the final pose of the session. “You’ll get it next time I bet.”

“We’ll see,” I sigh, simply relieved to have made it through another session alive.

“So close with your camel, Mom, and you led a very nice 30-minute session. I’m so proud at how much you can do.”

I close my eyes with gratitude. That’s all I need, I sigh. pigeons and camels will come and go, but spending time with my daughter, hearing her cheer me on, and declare she’s proud of my efforts…pure bliss!

13 thoughts on “Why Tuesday = Bliss

  1. Reading this is pure bliss — what a lovely, lovely, lovely post, dear beloved Joan. Feel like i am right there – with you on the yoga mat trying to grab my toes and keep my head up and looking at the watch….he!he! Thank you so much for sharing this sweet intimate visit with your daughter. Did i tell you i loved, loved, loved reading it? *yoga mats curved as rainbows* “camels drinking water*

    1. oh, sweetest Krishnapriya, this is why I read your posts first thing in the morning…your support and enthusiasm and friendship *across these many miles* is such a blessing and delight to me! Thank you, thank you…and I thank the One for such a gift as you! Blessings and sweetness and love and a beautiful night’s sleep and a gorgeous morning to you, my beloved, darling friend!*hummingbirds and rainbows**yoga mats like flying carpets carrying us toward the One

      1. i still have to get your book, dear Joan – it is totally on my mind — can’t wait to read it…….fastening my seat belt as our Yoga Mat flies high up in the sky – to touch the grand horizon of Oneness. love, love, love and then some more….hugs.

  2. You said it all so beautifully Joan … with pigeons and camels for company *smiles* … yes do cherish the beautiful times with your daughter for it’s truly priceless. My daughter is away for further studies and I miss her presence so much, although we do chat almost daily! We used have these amazing mother daughter moments in her growing years that I now hold close to my heart . Love this post !!!💙💞💙

    1. Oh, Savvy…so sweet to hear about your daughter as well! May you enjoy many more special mother-daughter moments upon her safe and joyful return. blessings and sweetness and much love to you! *children dancing*

    1. Thank you, my darling Joanne…it’s oh so sweet to know you read and appreciate my writing…mailed off a copy of my book for you a few days ago. Blessings and much sweetness and love to you today and always! *willows in the mist*

  3. Reblogged this on Jewniquely Myself and commented:

    *Reposting this sweet memory as I continue to social distance from friends and family, and even CC.


    But our conversations are sweetly regular, and all CC has taught me keeps me moving…I’m up to 150 sit-ups each morning thanks to yoga. And I did conquer the dreaded camel just after the original post.

    Stay safe, and keep moving, my Darlings!*

  4. How very interesting. I cannot even think of Yoga exercises My my. Aren’t you clever. Best of Luck. And that’s what what I can say. Do keep on getting better and better 🙂 ❤ 🙂

    1. So sweet to hear from you, dear friend, to know you are reading and well! Yoga has been shelved for a while due to distancing and other matters, but hopefully it has not all been forgotten.Blessings and Love to you *willows in mist**children dancing**pawprints in sand*

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