A Poem by Kate Knapp

Seeing, in Three Pieces

Somehow we must see
through the shimmering cloth
of daily life, its painted,
evasive facings of what to eat,
to wear? Which work
matters? Is a bird more
or less than a man?


There have been people
who helped the world. Named
or not named. They weren’t interested
in what might matter,
doubled over as they were
with compassion. Laden
branches, bright rivers.


When a bulb burns out
we just change it–
it’s not the bulb we love;
it’s the light.

~ Kate Knapp ~

4 thoughts on “A Poem by Kate Knapp

  1. i love, love, love these words Joan. Thanks to your precious heart for finding and sharing such a treasure — is a bird more or less than man? it is not the bulb – but the the light we love.i love you! Many, many, many hugs and prayers for beauty, blessedness, sweetness and smiles to surround you – this minute and always. Shalom!

    1. Oh, such a sweet and loving response…thank you my beloved friend, I feel so encircled by Love Divine through your words and affection…may your heart delight in birdsong, and your sweet smile dazzle everyone you encounter, blessing them with the love radiating from the center of All…love you! *butterflies dancing with children**rainbows and willow trees*

    1. So happy it touched you as it did me…blessings and love to you my dear Krishna! *willows in starlight*

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