Every Day

Darling Friends,

Thank you for your patience as I learn the ins and outs of this new computer. My previous system was not courteous enough to let me know our time together was over, but just rudely abandonned me. Hopefully this new gadget will prove a kinder writing companion, and we can get back to the joy of interacting with you all.

For now, here is my offering for Mother’s Day.

Blessings and love to you!


Every Day

Every day

A miracle approaches

Timid as a doe

In early morning mist

Carefully testing the air

for possibilities


Always to find

Safe haven for the unborn

Promise she carries

9 thoughts on “Every Day

  1. Happy mother’s day dear Joan *smiling heart* I was thinking of you these days, why no posts from you. Hope you are doing great. Lots of love and hugs *rainbow**flowers**angels**smiling heart*

    1. oh, thank you, Krishna. your sweet angels surely sustained me during my time of “isolation”. Blessings and much love to you *swaying willows**misty sunrise**angels**singing children*

    1. Thank you, Donna…I’m so happy to have your company on this amazing journey, Life/friendship. And look forward to learning with you. Blessings and love to you! *sunrise**willows in mist**hearts smiling*

  2. Oh! This is sooooo beautiful, dear Joan. I LOVE your voice – the gentle sweetness in it, wrapped with a dollop of joy and playfulness…and sublime beauty. Happy you are back! *Embracing hearts*

    1. oh, to be back among you is such sweetness…and to hear from you singly is even more, my darling Krishnapriya…dancing in song with you on this incredible journey,such delight, such joy we must surely create…such sweet angels to wing their way into the world…blessings and much love my darling *raindrops on windowpane**willows dancing in breeze

      1. So sweet for me to see your handwriting too! Hope you are well, beloved Joan and enjoying the sunshine and warmth of summer! *embracing hearts amost sunrays and dancing rainbows*

    1. oh, my day is certainly happy…to dance among you all again. but this gadget and I are not quite friends yet…a little more coaxing, perhaps…a few more strokes and cooing from me…but first I must quiet my grumbling I suppose…difficult to do. blessings, my sweet Kenza, much love to you! *songbirds in garden**willows in wind*

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