Light and shadow
forever dance

Through my days and nights
Like salt and pepper

the Universe sprinkles
A little here

A bit more there
And sometimes it’s just too much

saltiness overwhelms me
I begin to sway and bob

Without knowing why
Until the sea welcomes me home

15 thoughts on “Tears

    1. oh, you are so sweet, my dearest Krishnapriya…but the ending wrote itself, just flowing from my fingers…blessings and love to you, I am so happy to be able to write and comment again…like my heart has been released from its tiny cage and can spread her wings once more into the blue vastness! *children clapping**ocean waves clapping like hands**windblown willow boughs**hearts embracing*

      1. And I am soooo happy to read your precious words — endings and beginnings! Wish you a beautiful sunday and a wondrous week ahead! *hugs, hugs, hugs and then some more*

    1. Always so sweet to find you along my path, dear Savvy….blessings and love to you *hummingbirds in mist**sunrise over mountains**smiling hearts*

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