To dance between raindrops

Where light glistens into prismatic gems

To touch the edge of the wind

As it plays among the clouds

To become one with the song

The Universe hums in its silence

To know I am

Even as my yearning

5 thoughts on “Yearning

    1. Thank you my sweet Savvy…it’s such a gift to be back in touch with you. I have fallen so terribly behind reading your lovely posts, but plan to catch up…blessings to you and much love *willow branches in shunlight**children singing**doves cooing*

  1. The last two lines tug at my heart – To know I am – Even as my yearning — in a way i can’t even express in words. Please accept my hug for opening my heart and showing it to me in a magical way. *Embracing hearts*

    1. always, my sweet, sweet Krishnapriya…as we are entwined in our journey in such a magical, mystical way…blessings and much love!

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