As the sun finally strides

Into the garden

We will all be waiting

The tomatoes with their lips

pursed plump and green ready

To blush into ripeness

The fuchsia stretching

Its inquisitive


Around and through cage-

Bars for the promise

Too long withheld

And me cowering

Amid vanishing



To tattered illusions

winter ever was

2 thoughts on “waiting

  1. Gorgeous platter of beauty! The sun is smiling at this welcome. Can’t believe i missed your poems — i wait for them, like the tomatoes for sun! Thank YOU, dear blessed beautiful Joan for sharing these treasures from your heart!

    1. And to find you here…such a sweet gift, thank you! The garden, and my days are so much sweeter knowing you are beside me on this journey…this sweet, mystifying journey to Love Divine…blessings and sweetness to yualways, my darling *children clapping/dancing**hummingbirds hovering**arms entwined*

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