Beautiful Day

Tip your invisible hat

To the morning because

It’s a beautiful day

No matter the level of sunshine

The fluff or flutter of clouds

The deluge outside your umbrella

Your eyes opened

And consciousness returned

And maybe you even heard something

A car going down the road

Or a train in the distance

Or if you are lucky

A bird or a dog

Something with breath and song

A voice Calling out to you

As Life calls out to each of us

Saying: Here I am

And you?

18 thoughts on “Beautiful Day

  1. Here it rained all night and we are very happy. It is the start of the rainy season and we love it in Mexico. Gorgeous skies all day then the rain comes in late afternoon. So yes, this morning very early before the sun rose, I woke up with rain drops and gently, birds so happy with the rain, started to sing! Love to you Joan. Kenza.

    1. oh, such a sweet, beautiful picture, thank you for sharing it my darling Kenza! Here the birds are singing with gratitude for relief from our rainy season, dancing from feeder to feeder in our garden which has become quite a hummingbird haven. Blessings to you, and much love *pink roses and yellow butterflies**ruby-throated hummingbirds dancing in new light**children singing*

  2. Beautiful dear Joan *smiling heart* we too had a nice rain yesterday evening from 5 until 9 pm. The air is cool and fresh. At about 4:10 am, a kukoo bird woke me up with it’s sweet song and now I am reading your beautiful poem. I’m waiting for the sunshine to heat me up a little bit and brighten the day. *Sunshine* *dews on tender rose buds* *rainbow* Beautiful day ahead dear Joan

    1. oh, thank you for the description…love thinking of you waking up to birdsong in the coolness of dawn, blessings and much love to you Krishna *clouds fluttering over garden**hummingbirds at fountain**rainbows dancing with children*

  3. So sweet to find you here, Sunith, thank you for your kind remarks. Blessings and sweetness to you! *moonlight over willows**children singing**yellow butterflies dancing with hummingbirds*

    1. Thank you! So sweet of you to comment…why not do more of it, my darling Joanne? *yellow butterflies*

    1. oh, such sweet smiles they are, too! Blessings and love to you, der Savvy *sunbeams dancing on garden blooms**children singing**hearts embracing*

  4. Love, love, love your writing. I was just going to say – i miss reading you! When i thought, maybe i just missed it in my reader and what a treat – not just to read your absolutely wondrous poem but also the beautiful comments of rain, sunshine and joy all around – set off by your light and delightful words. Thank you for being a light in our universe and my life!

    1. oh, such sweetness you bring, and when you add it to all the others who share their hearts so freely…how fortunaate am I! May we all continue to gather in Love and Joy, and may our voices/pens ever express the One-ness withing us each/all. Blessings and much love to you, dearest Krishnapriya *yellow butterflies**willow branches in mist**hearts entwined in moonlight*

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