My Father’s Orange (cont’d)

Jewniquely Myself

(continued from June 17)

3. Metaphoric meaning-

Getting back to the “peel off”, this contest was not as simple as you might imagine. For Dad and for me, the orange could very well be a metaphor for life itself.

As a newly blind youngster, trying to discriminate between the textures of peel and fruit while preserving the integrity of the orange peel — all with the clock tick-tick-ticking—was definitely challenging for me. After all, I was weaving together my tiny strands of identity and the overpowering cords of blindness and fear, schoolwork and friends; and hoping to come out with something unique and valuable.

And it wasn’t easy for my Dad either, having only one “normal”hand.

Growing up,however, “disability” was simply not part of my family’s everyday life and lingo. I knew that each of us mattered, and that we each had something worthwhile to contribute. We have always joked…

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2 thoughts on “My Father’s Orange (cont’d)

  1. First of all fond wishes to your dear father on his birthday. May he be healthy and happy.

    I read your post with love in my heart for you.. My dear Joan you sent so much strength and motivation with your beautiful share . Thank you for sharing God bless you and your beautiful family

  2. You are most welcome to what is in my heart, my dear, darling Savvy. Thank you for the good wishes for my father…he will be celebrating his 93rd birthday in August…the first without my mother, no doubt his most difficult yet. I am so very grateful to count him as a major influence in my life, a source of strength and resilliance, but mostly quiet, steadfast love…although his outer personality often projected a gruff, prickly person…I think it was to protect his very vulnerable nature which he can no longer conceal from us all. Blessings to you and your family, dear friend *sunrise over garden blooms**children playing*

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