More Than Two

***Here is a piece I wrote long, long ago as words to a song. Hope you like them with the melody you create this day. Blessings!**

Love is more

Than words on a page

The voice of an age

Love is more

than two hearts that sing in the night

Peace is more

Than silence at dawn

With day coming on

Peace is more

than two hearts that sing in the night

Everything has its season

So how can we comprehend

These seasons which have no birth or ende

Life is more

Than echoes through space

The length of a race

Life is more

than two hearts that sing in the night

14 thoughts on “More Than Two

    1. oh, how sweet to find you here, my dear Krishna…it has been too long and I have missed you so….blessings and much love to you *sunbeams through clouds**hummingbirds**doves cooing*

      1. *smiling heart* oh my dear Joan, Im doing a short term course in tea tasting now and got busy with traveling to tea plantations, factories etc. That’s why I’m not much active inin wordWor nowadays. Hope you and family are doing great. Love, hugs and prayers

  1. So, so, so, so very magical dear Joan. Your beautiful expansive heart dances here with your wondrous words – i watch a dance a little bit, then hop in to join you — Four footprints and four pawprints – not in a straight line or zig zig — just all around, a circle, a square, a beautiful lotus flower made in the snow. Thank YOU for writing. love, love and hugs

    1. oh my heart sings and my tears of joy flow freely….love the lotus in the snow, the dancing foot and pawprints….yes, we are ever together, my beloved Krishnapriya, rejoicing and reflecting the One *arms intertwined in embrace**children dancing in misty rain**hearts and rainbows*

    1. I feel so blessed and happy to find you here, my sweet Sakshi…thank you for your kind words and your company on this journey *smiling hearts**willows in misty rain**children dancing*

    1. Blessings and sweetness on your path this day, my friend, love dinding you here *hummingbirds in misty rain**willow branches in wind*

    1. Thank you, my sweet friend, always love finding you here, dear Savvy *sunrise in misty rain**daffodils and butterflies*

  2. Thank you, sweet Savvy, always such a delight to find you here *embracing hearts* blessings and love to you *doves cooing*

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