the only way is to yield

a blade of grass

elbowed by the crowd

of faceless fellows

scorched and drowned
as clouds permit


to the dew of renewal
to the delight of Your coming

6 thoughts on “Open

    1. wow, thank you, my sweet Kenza. No one has ever described my words in terms of texture and touch….your sense of this fascinates me, being such a tactile person as I am out of necessity. It makes sense to me that an artist of your many talents would be the first to speak of this….again, thank you! Blessings and much love *moonlight through mist**children clapping and dancing**rainbows*

  1. Your words blow me away! i stand a little empty grass next to you — unbelievable how much our thoughts, hearts and posts smile at each other. Love the way you put the words together – there is such depth in your simplicity. Thank you for being here, for me and all our Universe! *clapping hands* *dancing feet* *skipping paws* *amidst a hundred rainbows*

  2. How can I express the gratitufe I feel for the miracle of our friendship, our union of hearts/spirits….the wonder of Love Divine holding us together in this garden od delight…blessings and sweetness and much love and hugs galore as we sing this day into being. *hearts entwined**rainbows and hummingbirds**children smiling in misty rain*

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