The audacity of a rainbow

Urging its form

Its palet upon the eye

A prism of light and color

Upon the mind

The heart

Symbol of peace and blessing

Glittering in morning mist

Winking from pavement oil spill

Every child’s delight



Stairway or slide

9 thoughts on “Rainbow

    1. Such a lovely picture, thank you. Blessings and sweetness for a beautiful day *sunrise over mountains**willow in mist**children dancing*

  1. Thank you so much, dear friend….so sweet to share this journey with you, blessings *sunlight through misty rain**rainbows and yellow butterflies*

    1. Ah yes….always seeking, seldom grasping….is it a dream, or the reality? *sly smile and wink* Love to you, sweet Kenza!

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