The audacity of a rainbow

Urging its form

Its palet upon the eye

A prism of light and color

Upon the mind

The heart

Symbol of peace and blessing

Glittering in morning mist

Winking from pavement oil spill

Every child’s delight



Stairway or slide

16 thoughts on “Rainbow

    1. Such a lovely picture, thank you. Blessings and sweetness for a beautiful day *sunrise over mountains**willow in mist**children dancing*

  1. Thank you so much, dear friend….so sweet to share this journey with you, blessings *sunlight through misty rain**rainbows and yellow butterflies*

    1. Ah yes….always seeking, seldom grasping….is it a dream, or the reality? *sly smile and wink* Love to you, sweet Kenza!

  2. Appear to disappear and yet how precious those moments they touch us – these rainbows and your wondrous words, beloved Joan. Thank you for this feast for the heart.

    1. Thinking of you, darling Krishnapria, and the rainbow words your soul continues to shine my way! Blessings and love to you *children embracing*

    1. Oh, thank you, my darling Savvy, so sweet to share this journey with you! *children smiling**rainbows in mist**sunrise over mountains*

    1. Sending you sweetness and light, dear friend, and rejoicing in your continued healing *sunlight through clouds**children embracing*

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