The Audacity of Love

The audacity of love

Pushing its childlike shape

Upon the heart

Upon the mind

Twisting sensibility into silliness

Silliness into sensibility

Tripping and skipping alongside dastardly headlines

Trying to grasp

My attention

My hand

To climb into my pocket

To be carried home

Where she will grow up among my children

and sleep under my pillow

Working her magic in every room of my life

15 thoughts on “The Audacity of Love

    1. *hearts entwined* Thank you, my sweet and lovely Krishna *doves cooing* such a delight to find you here, blessings and love to you

    1. oh my, oh my! How sweet of you to acknowledge my writing, my dear friend, thank you! I am humbled and grateful for your company on this journey, and will do my best to uphold your confidence in me. Blessings and swetness to you. It will take me a bit of time to pull my response together. *sunbeams on dewy blooms**children singing*

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