Like a Potted Plant

Dear Darling Readers,

It has been some time since I have posted regularly to this little blog, I know, and I want to let you know how much I appreciate you all hanging in there with me. My dear mother’s sudden death in April was quite a jolt to my spirit. And since then, I have had issues with technology and blogging itself. For some reason the comments I try to post–whether on my own or other blogs– are not working out right, and my WP Wizard, Colleen, will not be back from California for another few weeks.

So, please know that I treasure every one of you, and that your comments always brighten my day. Also, I love reading your insightful and uplifting posts–even if I must remain silent at this time. Alas, I feel as if a pane of glass separates me from you all, which is why I am enclosing the following poem.

Blessings and love to each and all of you…and please stand by!

Potted Flower

By Hayim Nachman Biyalik

From the window

A potted flower

Every hour

Toward the garden peeps

All of his friends

In the garden there

And he lonely keeps

Standing here

**Translated from Hebrew by Joan Myles

9 thoughts on “Like a Potted Plant

    1. Thank you for your sweet and comforting words, my dear friend, your presence on this journey with me is truly a delight. *willows in mist**children singing**smiling heart*

  1. Thank you. We are here. I am sorry about your mother, and your sadness. A potted plant may be just a plant sitting in (on! Smiles) a pot, yet it is nature that comes to us in a small format. All is well. Kisses, Kenza.

    1. Yes, Nature brings her soothing comforts and assurance of renewal, and sweet friends such as you are also a reminder of what truly is. Thank you, darling Kenza for your company along this path. Blessings and love to you*sunrise over mountains**roses in mist**children embracing*

  2. Sorry to know about your mother. May her soul rest in peace. Please take care of yourself. Time resolves things gradually. At times all we need to do is be patient in the waiting…Much love and goodwill my dear sweet friend.

    1. Thank you, darling Savvy, for your words of comfort and for your company on this journey, blessings and much love to you! *willows in mist**butterflies and roses**children dancing*

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    Joan is still having a few tech trials. I’d love it if you guys would visit her blog, find some posts that speak to you, and share them round.
    Let’s show that wonderful WordPress spirit!

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